Dropshipping Platforms Compared - Jetti and Duoplane.



Oct 29th, 2021

This article is part six in a multi-part series, examining how Jetti compares to other marketplace and dropshipping solutions. In this article, we will examine one common solution, Duoplane - we will look at its features and benefits as well as compare them against Jetti as a reference.

Dropshipping is big business nowadays, which many people opting to use this particular business model are their sole income or a convenient little side gig for some extra cash. They are a variety of companies on the market, each with its own particular offerings.

The market itself has become quite congested in the last few years and the COVID-19 Pandemic has accelerated its growth, as it has done in all other aspects of ecommerce.

Duoplane is a dropshipping automation company, designed to reduce the issues surrounding not having physical contact with the goods being sold as much as possible.


Features are important when it comes to your dropshipping operations. The larger the feature set, the more you can do with your store. A solution’s feature set should be your first port of call when evaluating a company.

Duoplane offers a variety of features - for instance, order routing, branded packing slips, returns management, a dedicated vendor portal, and an invoicing system. These are several high-level features that can greatly simplify your daily operations. As a dropshipping solution, it offers more than many others.

When it comes to Jetti, you can count on a number of useful features that are designed to help automate your drop ship operations. One such example is the ability to monitor your inventory feeds which solves the contentious issue of ensuring that you can ultimately supply what your customers order from your website. Like Duoplane, Jetti also offers a dedicated vendor portal where your vendors can see their orders in real-time, saving valuable time for both of you.

Other features include Advanced Warehousing, giving you greater access to your in-house warehousing, giving you greater control over how it's all managed. Need to deal with returns? Don’t worry, with Jetti, you can seamlessly manage your returns management and coordinate with your vendors if needs be.

Another great feature for you and your vendors is the automated commission rates feature that can help keep you both on the same page when it comes to margins and you can also provide your vendors with branded packing slips to help simplify shipping. You can find out more about our features here.


Being firmly established in the dropshipping space, Duoplane integrations with some well-known platforms such as Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento for storefronts, and has accounting platforms such as Quickbooks and Xero. Shipping integrations include Shippo, Shipstation, and Shipping Easy. With Duoplane, you can also use tools like SKUvault and SKUlabs for your Inventory management operations.

While these are all solid integrations, Jetti outperforms Duoplane in this space as it has far more integrations that can help streamline your drop-shipping operations. Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Elastic Path, are just some of the storefront integrations available to you via Jetti.

From shipping to taxes, accounting to inventory management and order routing - Jetti has numerous integrations with various platforms, ensuring that whatever current setup you have, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Using a non-standard setup? Jetti can support a custom implementation too. Find out more about how our dropship integrations can help you here.



Duoplane offers a solid feature set when it comes to dropshipping and for many companies, will be more than a suitable option, capable of serving their needs and operations. For instance, it has a reporting feature that Jetti lacks.

However, there are some limitations that may inhibit a company’s ability to expand rapidly or customize their operations as they see fit - in that case, these companies would be better off going with another solution such as Jetti.

Jetti offers a powerful feature set that is designed to be flexible and scales in sync with your company, ensuring that you never run out of road so to speak. A core advantage of Jetti is that it is designed to also support multi-vendor marketplaces, so if the time comes and you decide to change the direction of your business, you can easily make the transition using Jetti.

A Reliable Dropshipping Partner - Jetti

Jetti is a multi-vendor marketplace and dropshipping platform. Jetti enables product marketplaces to streamline and automate their inventory, orders, payments, and shipping operations. Designed to be flexible, Jetti can accommodate both those seeking an out-the-box solution and through our API, those who require a more bespoke implementation. From growing SMEs to well-established Enterprises, Jetti’s infrastructure is designed to be a reliable partner for growth.

With Jetti, our customers can scale with confidence, streamline their daily operations as well as create truly unique marketplaces. Jetti is trusted by brands such as Bombinate, Ad Hoc Atelier, and Naduvi as well as over 200+ other companies.