Vendor shipping labels

Find out how our customers use Jetti to help increase their sales and grow their retail businesses

Working with smaller vendor or independant online retailers? Or, want to avoid complex workflows for invoicing vendor shipping rates?

Jetti can provide one-click shipping labels for you vendors using our discounted USPS rates. You can also connect your own carrier accounts. Labels can even be placed onto US letter or A4 packing slips for vendors who don't have label printers.

Jetti makes managing your own dropshipping business a breeze. One of the big problems business managers face when scaling their dropshipping stores is shipping labels and arranging shipments across all of your vendors.. But with Jetti, it’s all done for you.

Jetti provides discounted USPS labels to your vendors, and provides them directly to you for all items you may want to ship in-house. Alternatively, you might wish to choose to connect Jetti with your own shipping carrier. We support hundreds of different shipping carriers, so it’s just a case of letting us know which one you prefer to use.

Having your shipping labels managed for you provides one big plus: it makes invoicing so much simpler. Your vendors will no longer have to invoice you for shipping every time they send an item on your behalf. So, you’ll have a lot less paperwork to deal with!

Want to learn more about how Jetti could simplify your shipping labels? Have a look at our blog post.

Vendor shipping labels